Vegan Sushi Rolling Workshop

Vegan Sushi Rolling Workshop


Join us at The Nosh Pit while we welcome Dr. Sushi!

Bring your favorite person and learn how to roll sushi and then eat it! 

Crash course in Makizushi! All vegan!!!
Skinny roll (Hosomaki) 
Inside-out roll (Uramaki) 
Handroll (Temaki) 
Fat roll (Futomaki)

Remember you can always BYOB to The Nosh Pit!

Cupcake and Hot Chocolate Social

Cupcake and Hot Chocolate Social

Nosh Pit Detroit Cupcake and Hot Chocolate Social!

Come on down to Nosh Pit and enjoy some Hot Chocolate and snacks while you decorate a 6 pack of cupcakes to take home. Each ticket includes hot chocolate and a 6 pack of cupcakes for you to decorate and take with you. (Think Holiday gifts and your holiday dessert!) 

We will provide unfrosted cupcakes, frosting and a variety of decorations.

Each 6 pack will include 2 vanilla, 2 chocolate and 2 spice cake.

Tickets are $25 for one or $40 for 2. 

You can purchase extra 6 packs the day of the event for $15 each