Karen, Stefan, and Eric met in a Detroit area cooking group. Stefan was leaving his job in the music industry and Karen was leaving hers in sustainability services. Eric is design and technology guru. They all got together and came up with a food truck concept that combined Stefan's creative cooking with clean healthy foods and Karen and Eric’s love of veganism and baked goods. You will often see Stefan’s son Kaz or Karen and Eric's sons Red or Jonah working with the truck crew. 

Their truck recycles and composts and buys ingredients locally as much as possible. They were recently recognized as one of the best vegan food trucks in the nation by Mobile Cuisine and they’ve won many local awards including 1st place for our hummus at the Shawarma Fest in Royal Oak, 2016. 2nd place for the best restaurant at the International Veg Fest in Novi, 2016 and 3rd place for the best pumpkin recipe (Pumpkin Soup) at Detroit Food Labs, 2016.