Healing Foods Hands On Recipe Class

Healing Foods Hands On Recipe Class


Hands On Recipe Class With Holistic Nutritionist and owner of True Desserts, Patricia Ode

Create a delicious recipe and enjoy

Discuss healing ingredients and substitutes

Take home free True Desserts cake

Vegan Paczki Day at Nosh Pit

Vegan Paczki Day at Nosh Pit

Advance order recommended.

Pickup btw 7am and 3pm.

Dozens only!

Salt & Smoke- A Scratch Roots Pop-Up

Salt & Smoke- A Scratch Roots Pop-Up


CHEF JESS presents


A seasonally inspired all vegan 4-course meal that is completely scratch made by Jess herself.

1. Carrot tartar - Avocado, crispy brown rice, miso aioli, pickled chilis

2. Southern Fried "Chicken" - "cheesy" polenta, roasted corn and poblanos, tangy slaw, brown sugar molasses glaze

3. Smoke Rute - Rutabaga steak, red wine braised lentils with caramelized onion, black pepper "ricotta" and arugula

4. Warm Monster Cookie- With tahini date caramel and whipped coconut buttercream 


At the end of a dirt road in Ray, Michigan is a brick house with ivy growing up it and porch swing right out front. There is a old but tireless kitchen that has grown generations of Rudich chefs and farmers - from Ivan Rudich, an immigrant whose fresh produce stocked Detroit restaurants in the early 1900s to Jessica Phillips who was taught at an early age how pick vegetables from the field and prepare them from scratch. She loves taking food from its simplest form and transforming it into the warmth shared around the table. Today, Jessica invites you to sample her vegan fair made from scratch with the same care she's learned from generations of dedication to quality. She believes that well cooked food, full hearts, and laughter are what gives all of us our deepest roots.