Finally, A Restaurant & Food truck that rocks

Is On The Block


Finally, A Restaurant & Food truck that rocks

Is On The Block


Friday night Dinner!

OCT 18 5pm-10pm

Hot Apple Cider (remember to BYOB so you can add to your cider if you choose!)
David Mac: with apples and Caramelized Onions


All things Apple Brunch

OCT 19 11am - 2pm
Apple Brunch!
German Apple pancakes
Caramel Apple Waffles
Apple Sausage Sage Sammy on Biscuit
Latkes with Apple Sauce
warm apple cider (byo hot toddy addition!)

2995 Yemans, Hamtramck
Tuesdays - Fridays: 11am - 2pm
Fridays: 5pm - 10pm
Saturdays: 11am - 2pm Brunch

(313) 486-0777

Free public parking across the street.


Who Do You Want To Eat With Today?

Well... Let's Meet the Whole Family

Who Do You Want To Eat With Today?

Well... Let's Meet the Whole Family


He’s totally unique and unexpected but amazing once you get to know him.


She's a little sweet with a bit of sass.


She’s just a kid at heart and wants to have fun.


He’s all about being who he is and standing for what he believes in.


She loves to mix it up and try new things,


She’s thoughtful, considerate and handles messy situations with style.


She’s quirky, full of energy, and has a dynamic personality.


He’s a little bold and brazen with an attitude you can’t help loving.


He's classic with a thick NY accent.


He is a musical rebel with flair.




This is what #NoBologna Sandwiches Look Like

It's the Kind That Gets Awards, 5 Star Reviews, and Lots of Smiles


What are folks saying?

What are folks saying?

Love the amanda salad. You were the best thing about this festival
A slice of vegan heaven in the Detroit area.
Never would have imagined a grilled cheese with banana, but it works. And that beet cupcake...OMG!
LOVED the Amanda veggie bowl, delicious!
Great grub, nice folks!
Best food truck ever! I looooooved the pumpkin soup!
A must try!
Amazing freakin good food!
The Kaz is amazing!! So flavorful and delicious!!
Don’t skip dessert, both the chocolate beet cupcake and coconut macaroon were very tasty. Seek this truck out!
Oh my goodness! The pumpkin soup rocked my world.
Just had The Amanda from the Nosh Pit and it was AMAZING!
Out. Of. This. World. Honestly I wanted to order seconds of everything.
I have to say it was unbelievably good. A++ would eat again.
Wish I would have bought a dozen more cupcakes!
Hi guys! Thank you so much for the best grilled cheese I have ever tasted! The pesto adds such an amazing flavor-so delicious!
I ordered the Larry off the food truck and all i can say is WOW thats an awesome sandwich.
Had the Lentil Sloppy Joe down at the Eastern Market for All Things Detroit, it was delicious!
Very fresh and flavorful...and served with a smile!
Incredible food!!! I can’t say enough about the quality and the amazing taste of everything!
Their food is absolutely PHENOMENAL whether you are vegan or not, and i highly recommend checking them out!
Everything Nosh Pit makes is out of this world, but Mafe is Ma-favorite!!!
Nosh Pit is a destination. I would go out of my way (and have) to attend an event where they’re serving up noms
I had their new vegan reuben today at MI Earth Fest and it was amazing
The Karen sandwich and Pickle Soup are amazing!!
I had Dill pickle soup, The Larry, and a Chocolate Beet cupcake. All of it was fantastic and made with love!!!
Can’t wait to devour everything else on the menu. The peeps working the truck were super awesome
Everyone needs to eat at the Nosh Pit!
The Karen and The Jonah... well I should have ordered a dozen to bring home! Beyond words delicious.
Best Vegan Burger of my life!!!! So so good I want another!!!!!!
Amazing burger, killer sauce and great flavors all around. Banging macaroon too.
The Karen was amazing. Just reading the ingredients made me drool... then once I tasted it... GONE IN 60 seconds, no lie.
The absolute tastiest hummus I’ve ever had, my mouth waters thinking about it!
I had the karen, & my girl had the larry.. double yum!
Love this place. All the food is creative and fun!
Incredible sandwich, friendly staff, great experience!
Thank you for all your dedication to the culinary world.
Delicious flavor combos make a very satisfying meal even for non-vegetarians like me!
The coconut macaroon and potato latkes were amazing.
This @NoshPitDetroit food is on point!!! Like my taste buds are hype right now!!
Nosh Pit is the coolest food truck in Detroit right now, and their food is second to none.
If you’re looking for unique flavors that are nothing shy of genius I highly suggest you indulge.
First time I ate with them I went back for seconds. Definitely a favorite.
Amazing sweets and addictive Eats.
Incredible, delectable, amazing! We had The Jonah and The Larry, the potato cake with banana jam and the chocolate beet cupcakes...WOW!!!!!!
Sensationally savory! If you can make me love beets, you win all my tastebuds!
I could eat it every day, it was all so delicious!
Amazing food the Larry and the black bean burger were nothin short of magical definitely a must try !!!
Yummmmmm!!!!! The Larry!!! Great job!
Everything that I tried was phenomenal!!
Absolutely delicious food made by absolutely amazing people!!

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